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100530 | FRANCE. Bronze Award Medal.

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    100530 | FRANCE. Bronze Award Medal. Issued 1912. Presented for the 23rd Interscholastic Gymnastics Competition, 28 April 1912 (41mm, 32.01 g, 12h). By A. Desaide & O. Roty in Paris.


    REPVBLIQVE FRANÇAISE, laureate and draped bust of Marianne left, wearing phrygian cap / CONCOURS INTERSCOLAIRE DE GYMNASTIQUE / PARIS, 23ME CONCOURS / 28 AVRIL / 1912 in three lines; all within wreath. Edge: «hallmark» BRONZE.


    Choice Mint State. Pleasing yellow-bronze surfaces, with a charming matte appeal. Includes original case of issue.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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