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100558 | GERMANY. Kronprinz Rupprecht von Bayern silver Medal.

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    100558 | GERMANY. Kronprinz Rupprecht von Bayern silver Medal. Issued 1915. World War I series: The Bavarian Crown Prince (34mm, 17.34 g, 12h). By F. Eue at the Ball Workshop in Berlin.


    RUPPRECHT von BAYERN, uniformed bust facing / DIE BAYERN MIT DEM LÖWENMUT / 1914 – 1915, soldier advancing right, wielding rifle overhead. Edge: SILBER 800.


    Zetzmann 2112. Mint State. Highly lustrous, with prooflike fields and a light golden tone throughout; some minor hairlines are noted for completeness. Rare.


    The last heir apparent to the Bavarian throne, Rupprecht was born in Munich in 1869. Though it was clear from a fairly young age that he would eventually ascend to the role as King of Bavaria, he nevertheless climbed the ranks of the Germany military, attaining the status of general as well as becoming crown prince just before the outbreak of World War I in 1913. During the war, he proved to be a skilled leader, eventually achieving the rank of field marshal. He also was one of the first generals to see the futility in the German war effort toward the end of the conflict, recognizing the disparity between the resources of Germany and her adversaries. He would never serve as King of Bavaria, as the monarchy would be dissolved under his father's rule at the conclusion of the war in November 1918.


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