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100592 | HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Austria. Maria Theresia bronze Medal.

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    100592 | HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Austria. Maria Theresia bronze Medal. Issued 1750. Commemorating the birth of Archduke Joseph (44mm, 29.78 g, 12h). By A. Vestner in Nürnberg.


    MARIA THERESIA ROM AVGVSTA REG HVNG BOH, diademed and draped bust right / IN MATRE VTRAMQVE SEQVOR, Joseph stand facing; to left, Minerva (representing education and wisdom) standing right, holding spear and scroll; owl standing to her left; to right, Mars (representing warfare and strength) standing left, holding shield and scroll; pile of arms in background; in three lines in exergue, IOSEPHVS / NATVS XIII MARTII / MDCCXXXXI. Edge: Plain.


    Bernheimer 318; Montenuovo 1819 var. (silver); Julius 1825. Gem Mint State. Alluring light brown surfaces, with exceptional luster and hints of rainbow toning peeking through. Highly attractive.


    Ex Sincona 6 (23 May 2012), lot 2011.


    Though the beginning of her 40-year reign as the head of the Habsburg hereditary possessions was marked with legitimacy issues on the basis of sex, ultimately sparking the War of the Austrian Succession, Maria Theresia oversaw a successful tenure as head of the Habsburg empire, first as Holy Roman Empress consort during the reign of her husband, Franz I, then as Empress dowager during that of her son, Joseph II.


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