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100615 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria silvered bronze Medal.

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    100615 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria silvered bronze Medal. Issued 1862. Commemorating the Universal Exhibition of London (50mm, 46.98 g, 12h). By Bovy & Massonnet in Paris.


    VICTORIA QUEEN OF ENGLAND, laureate head left / View of the exhibition building; in three lines in exergue, UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION / OF LONDON / 1862. Edge: A few marks, otherwise plain.


    BHM –; Eimer –. Choice Mint State. Exceedingly lustrous and prooflike, with a deep tone highlighted by cobalt and burgundy; a fair number of hairlines in the fields are noted for completeness. Rare.


    The Great London Exposition was held in the South Kensington area of London from 1 May–1 November 1862, and featured exhibitors from 36 countries covering areas of industry, technology, and the arts. Queen Victoria, still in mourning for the loss of her husband the previous December, was not in attendance for the opening of the event which would see over six million attendants throughout its six months. Works of note on display were a refrigerator capable of producing ice, the Bessemer process for the manufacture of steel, and Charles Babbage's analytical engine–an early form of a computer.


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