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100618 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph silver Medal.

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    100618 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph silver Medal. Issued 1909. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tyrolean Uprising (44mm, 40.09 g, 12h). By R. Neuberger and J. Prinz.


    FRANC IOS I IMP | FRANCISCVS I IMP, jugate uniformed busts right of Franz Joseph and his grandfather, Franz I / PVGNIS ACERBIS FIDEM PROBAVIT TIROLIS, crowned imperial eagle facing, with head left and wings spread, and wreath around head. Edge: «circumscribed A».


    Hauser 1939; Morosini 1693; Wurzbach 2740; Julius 3283. Choice Mint State. Attractively toned, though some scattered marks and hairlines are noted.


    The County of Tyrol had historically been aligned with the Habsburg-led Holy Roman Empire until passing to French-dominated Bavaria during the Napoleonic Wars in 1806. Under this new administration, many traditions were discontinued, such as the banning of rural holidays, the end of cattle export into Bavaria, and the conscription of Tyroleans into conflicts beyond their borders. The local population rose up against this new rule in 1809, aided in part by the newly-formed Austrian Empire under Franz I. Though the uprising, part of the War of the Fifth Coalition, was ultimately unsuccessful, the county eventually returned to Habsburg rule following the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. This medal commemorates the 100th anniversary of the uprising's outbreak, featuring the jugate busts of Franz I and his grandson and then-sovereign, Franz Joseph.


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