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100623 | SWEDEN. Stockholm. Vårfest aluminum Medal.

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    100623 | SWEDEN. Stockholm aluminum Medal. Issued 1894. Commemorating the initial Vårfest (spring festival) held at Skansen (31mm, 3.91 g, 12h). By A. Högel.


    A Skansen runestone, carved with a cross, serpents, and runes reading "KIIN ÞIK SIALFAN" (know thyself); NORDISKA / MUSЄЄT in two lines in exergue / MINNE FRÅN SKANSENS VÅRFEST (to commemorate the spring festival at Skansen), two daffodils tied near their base. Edge: Plain.


    Mint State. Highly prooflike and lustrous surfaces, with a fair number of hairlines. An early use of aluminum for medals.


    In an effort to create more interest in a Swedish national day, Artur Hazelius, the founder of the Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum) and the Skansen, Sweden's first open-air museum and zoo located on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, planned a vårfest (spring festival) to be held at Skansen. This fest had its final day on 5 June, with 6 June already being recognized as Gustafsdagen (Gustav's Day). Eventually, the latter became Sweden's national day, being known as Swedish Flag Day until 1983, then simply as Sveriges nationaldag (Swedish national day). For more information on this medal and the vårfest, see Svensk Numismatisk Tidskrift 4 (2011), p. 83.


    Sorry, this item in no longer available.

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