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100629 | GERMANY. Kassel. Friedrichsgymnasium copper Medal.

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    100629 | GERMANY. Kassel. Friedrichsgymnasium copper Medal. Issued 1992. Commemorating the extension to the campus (60x65mm, 6h). By V. Huster in Baden-Baden.


    Head of Athena right, with frontal eye and wearing mural crown comprised of façade of the extension; olive branch at base; in five lines on neck, KASSEL / FRIEDRICHS– / GYMNASIUM / 1779 1957 / 1992 / Head of Athena left, without eye, wearing earring and crested helmet decorated with olive leaves and palmette; in five lines on neck, IN PUBLICUM / COMMODUM / ΓΝΩΘΙ / ΣΑΥΤΟΝ / vפн. Edge: CU 192 V. HUSTER BAD–BADEN.


    Gem Mint State. As struck. Brilliant red surfaces, with incredibly high relief. An alluring allusion to the famous Athenian coinage of the 5th-4th centuries BCE.


    Originally founded in 1779 as the Lyceum Fridericianum by Friedrich II, landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, the Friedrichsgymnasium, as it would come to be known, offers a liberal arts education strongly focused within linguisitics and the classics. Notably alumni include the Brothers Grimm as well as future Emperor Wilhelm II. In 1957, the school changed locations, with a new second building being completed in 1992—the occasion for this medal's creation. Owing to the school's rich classical tradition, the helmeted head of Athena, most famous for her appearances on the widely traded (and now, widely collected) Athenian tetradrachm, makes for an obvious design element to celebrate this event.


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