100646 | UNITED STATES & FINLAND. Settlement in Delaware bronze Medal.

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    100646  |  UNITED STATES & FINLAND. Delaware. Bronze Medal. Issued 1938. Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Finnish Participation in the Swedish-Finnish Settlement in Delaware (57mm, 80.34 g, 12h). By Alpo Sailo.


    SUOMALAISIA TALONPOIKIA AMIR KLAUS LAURINP FLEMING / 1638 – 1938, busts of two men, woman, and child facing slightly right / DELAWAREN SIRTOKUNNAN 300-VUOTISMUISTO, perspective view of log church; corn stalks and stump in foreground. Edge: LYÖTTÄNYT SUOMEN TASAVALTA «hallmark».


    Rulau Q7. Gem Mint State. Dark chocolate brown surfaces, with a pleasing matte nature.


    Though a Swedish venture, the colonial foothold established in what is now Delaware did include some Finnish participation as well. At the time, Finns were subjects of the Swedish crown, and were a large contingent of the eventual settlers. As such, this medal was commissioned in Finland in order to commemorate their role in the colony, paralleling the Swedish and American commemoratives.