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100663 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Medal.

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    100663 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Medal. Dated 1910. Commemorating the royal visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina following their annexation in the empire (74mm, 161.75 g, 12h). By R. Placht.


    Personification of Bosnia standing facing, resting hands upon coat-of-arms of Bosnia, set upon rocks, and standing before cityscape of Sarajevo / IN MEMORIAM FELICISSIMORVM DIERVM QVIBVS AVGVSTISSIMI FRANCISCI JOSEPHI I CAESAREA ET REGIA MAJESTAS APOSTOLICA, Franz Joseph on horse trotting right; in five lines in exergue, BOSNIAM ET HERCEGOVINAM / IN FIDEM ET DICIONEM RECEPTAS / PRIMVM ADIIT / A XXX MAII AD IV JVNII / MCMX. Edge: Plain.


    Wurzbach 2658; Hauser 781. Choice Gem Mint State. Light matte brown surfaces, with an underlying radiance; includes former insert, undergraded (in my opinion) as PCGS SP-64 Brown. A large and highly attractive issue.


    The continued deterioration of the once great Ottoman Empire caused what became known as the Bosnian Crisis in late 1908. As the territorial hold of the Ottoman Empire became strained, it was announced on 5 October that the Austro-Hungarian Empire would annex the former Ottoman territories, Bosnia and Herzegovina, contemporaneous with Bulgaria declaring her independence from the Turks. This rapid shifting concerned most of Europe, but especially neighbors Serbia and Montenegro, for whom the relations with the Austro-Hungarian Empire became irreparably damaged. Here lay the groundwork for the spark that would eventually grow into the global conflict of World War I.


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