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100664 | AUSTRIA. "Schöner Brunnen" uniface bronze Plaque

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    100664 | AUSTRIA. Uniface bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1915. "Schöner Brunnen" (40x60mm, 61.99 g). By A. Hofmann.


    Nude water nymph Egeria seated facing on basin, holding cornucopia and pouring hydria / Blank. Edge: Plain. Choice Mint State. Alluring yellow-bronze surfaces, with an underlying luster. An alluring work.


    The Schönbrunn Palace in Wien (Vienna) was the main summer residence of the Habsburg ruling family, with the palace grounds featuring numerous sculptures along with a natural spring from which the public drank (Schönbrunn meaning "beautiful spring"). The sculpture at the original well house location was designed by Johann Wilhelm Beyer and entitled, rather appropriately, Schöner Brunnen. Egeria was the water nymph to whom pregnant women would offer sacrifices in order to ensure an easy birth. Additionally, she was a counselor and consort of Numa Pompilius, the legendary second king of Rome.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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