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100674 | SWEDEN. Skåne silver Automobile Award Plaque.

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    100674 | SWEDEN. Skåne silver Award Plaque. Engraved 1940. The Skånska Automobile Club: Awarded to Gunnar Ringblom (92x66mm, 134.28 g, 12h). By Sporrong & Co.


    SKÅNSKA AUTOMOBIL–KLUBBEN, antique roadster racing left through the countryside / "Till / Gunnar Ringblom / 1890 10|9 1940 / Med tack för intresserat / och gagnerikt arbete" engraved in script in five lines. Edge: Plain.


    Choice About Uncirculated. Deeply toned, with some light marks on the reverse. Attractive and artistic automotive type.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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