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100675 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Award Medal.

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    100675 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Award Medal. Issued 1873. Commemorating the World Exhibition in Wien (70mm, 144.10 g, 12h). By J. Tautenhayn & K. Schwenzer in Wien.


    FRANZ JOSEPH I KAISER VON OESTERREICH, KOENIG VON BOEHMEN ETC., APOST. KOENIG VON UNGARN, laureate head right / WELTAUSSTELLUNG 1873 WIEN / DEM MITARBEITER, two artisans—one seated right, with gear set upon knee, and the other standing left, resting hands upon hammer and anvil; implements of industry (scroll, triangle, blueprints) below; above, Genius flying facing, presenting wreath. Edge: A few light marks, otherwise plain.


    Wurzbach 2498; Hauser 2914. Mint State. Glossy chocolate brown surfaces; a few light marks and knocks. Highly pleasing.


    The 1873 World's Fair, held in Wien (Vienna), focused upon the theme of 'Culture and Education' and featured nearly 26,000 exhibitors. A variety of award medals were issued for presentation, some of the most impressive being these rather large types conveying a large and powerful bust of Franz Joseph engraved by Tautenhayn.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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