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100679 | GERMANY. Gerhart Hauptmann hollow cast bronze Medal.

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    100679 | GERMANY. Gerhart Hauptmann hollow cast bronze Medal. Issued 1922 or shortly thereafter. Commemorating his 60th birthday (135mm, 12h). By Benno Elkan.


    GERHART HAVPTMANN, head right / Pan, playing syrinx and with head facing slightly left, seated right upon skull left; to left, serpent coiled right. Edge: Some light marks as made, but otherwise plain.


    Cf. Menzel-Severing 237. Virtually as cast, darker brown surfaces, with some lighter highlights. An incredibly impressive and huge piece. Please refer to in-hand picture for actual size.


    A German dramatist and novelist, Gerhart Hauptmann was born in 1862 in Obersalzbrunn, part of the Kingdom of Prussia. Today, the town is known as Szczawno-Zdrój in Poland. Hauptmann went on to become one of the most important promoters of literary naturalism, authoring numerous novels, novellas, and plays. This piece was cast in honor of his 60th birthday.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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