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100681 | GREAT BRITAIN. "I Can Resist Everything except Temptation" Plaque.

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    100681 | GREAT BRITAIN. British Art Medal Society cast bronze Plaque. Issued 1999. Student Medal Project Grand Prix winner: I Can Resist Everything except Temptation (77x56mm, 12h). By Angela Coward.


    Voluptuous female body reclining left / Apple surrounded by coiled serpent inscribed "I CAN RESIST EVERYTHING EXCEPT TEMPTATION." Edge: Some light marks as made.


    Includes chocolate issue as well. Extremely rare and interesting.


    Winning the Goldsmiths Company First Prize in the 1999 British Art Medal Society project, this plaque was designed by Angela Coward, an artist who was studying jewelry and silversmithing at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, and was based upon a quote by Oscar Wilde. The plaque also includes a twin piece cast in chocolate for exhibiting at the First Affordable Art Show in Battersea Park, London, from 28–31 October 1999. This fair has grown from its initial show, with an attendance of about 10,000 patrons, to numerous events throughout the year and across four continents.


    Though assuredly adding sweetness to this offering, it is not recommended that one consume the chocolate plaque, now two decades old. The bronze version may, in fact, be more palatable.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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