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100687 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal).

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    100687 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal). Issued 1887. Commemorating the Federal Shooting Festival in Geneva (Genève), from 24 July–4 August (45mm, 38.82 g, 12h). By H. Bovy, C. Richard, & E. Lossier in Geneva.


    TOUT POUR LA PATRIE, soldier advancing left, holding rifle; shield, wheel, cannon, cannon balls, and cityscape in background / UN POUR TOUS | TOUS POUR UN / TIR FÉDÉRAL A GENÈVE 1887, Swiss shield over coat-of-arms of Geneva. Edge: Plain.


    Richter 628b. Gem Mint State. Light steel gray surfaces, with an attractive rainbow brilliance and radiant luster.


    The shooting festivals, in this sense, at the federal level, are considered one of the most important events in Swiss life, having played a historic role in the establishment of the Swiss state and serving as a vital connection to the nation's past. The first federal shooting festival was held in Aarau in 1824, and were then held every few years, with numerous cities rotating as host. Since 1985, these festivals have been held at a fixed point every five years, the next being this year in Luzern, though the current COVID-19 pandemic may well result in its cancelation.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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