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100691 | UNITED STATES & SWEDEN. General Motors bronze Medal.

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    100691 | UNITED STATES & SWEDEN. General Motors bronze Medal. Issued 1928. Commemorating the Formation of General Motors Nordiska AB in Stockholm (69mm, 115.92 g, 12h). By H. Neujd. Struck by Sporrong & Co.


    A CAR FOR EVERY PURSE AND PURPOSE, antique car facing slightly left; upon the seas to left, viking longship sailing right; rising sun in background / GENERAL MOTORS NORDISKA A–B / SWEDEN, viking warrior and Native American standing facing one another; factory in perspective in background; STOCKHOLM in exergue. Edge: SPORRONG & Co.


    Svensk Numismatisk Tidskrift (Feb. 2002), p. 16. Choice Mint State. Attractive light bronze surfaces, with some darker highlights.


    Having become a successful automaker through the acquisition of other early brands and outfits, General Motors began to expand in the 1920's from its Michigan foothold to markets in Europe, opening factories in Copenhagen (1923), Antwerp (1924), and Stockholm (1928). This Stockholm facility was located in the Hammarbyhamnen harbor area in the southern part of the city, and a bird's eye perspective view of the plant is featured on the reverse of this medal. The detail of the engraving by the medallist, Herman Neujd, was so precise that one can just make out the name 'GENERAL MOTORS' in columnar fashion down the giant smokestack.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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