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100734 | GERMANY. Kronprinz Wilhelm bronze Medal.

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    100734 | GERMANY. Kronprinz Wilhelm bronze Medal. Issued 1914. World War I series: The Enemies of Germany and Austria (53mm, 56.87 g, 12h). By Mayer & Wilhelm in Stuttgart.


    WILHELM DEUTSCHER KRONPRINZ, bust facing slightly right, wearing Totenkopfhelm (Prussian kucsma of the Death's Head Hussars) / DEUTSCHLAND–ÖSTERREICH GEGEN FRANKREICH ENGLAND RUSSLAND U AND, WELT– / KRIEG / 1914 in three lines within wreath. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann –; Kaiser 4-133. Choice About Uncirculated. Light brown surfaces, some minor spots. Interesting piece featuring this famous, imposing headgear.


    Friedrich II der Große (Frederick the Great) created a regiment of hussar cavalrymen in the Prussian army and adorned their mirlitons (tall military hat) with the Totenkopf symbol, the skull and crossbones. This symbol continued to be worn by various prominent German military figures in World War I, such as August von Mackensen, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and the kaiser's son, Kronprinz Wilhelm.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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