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100750 | SWEDEN. Göteborg aluminum Medal.

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    100750 | SWEDEN. Göteborg aluminum Medal. Issued 1891. Commemorating the Industrial Exposition in Gothenburg (52mm, 50.53, 12h). By G. Ekvall.


    TILL MINNE AF UTSTÄLLNINGARNE I GÖTEBORG, façade of the exhibition hall / KUNSKAP OCH ARBETE, personification of Sweden standing slightly left, resting hand upon shield and holding wreath; around, pile of implements representing industry, commerce, and the arts. Edge: Plain.


    Choice Gem Mint State. Exceedingly lustrous and prooflike, with a wondrous cameo nature. Includes original roundelle. Rare, especially this attractive and with roundelle.


    The Industrial Exposition held in Gothenburg (Göteborgsutställningen) opened on 1 July 1891, lasting until 15 September and featuring over 1,100 exhibitors in the fields of industry and various crafts. The main exposition building, featured on this medal, measured 138 feet in width and 328 feet in length, and took up, along with a few other smaller structures, roughly 50,000 square feet.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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