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100778 | CUBA. Presidente Mario Menocal bronze Medal.

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    100778 | CUBA. Presidente Mario Menocal bronze Medal. Issued 1919. Celebrating his second term as president (63mm, 88.53 g, 12h). By M. Menocal and the Gorham Manufacturing Co.


    GENERAL MARIO G. MENOCAL TERCER PRESIDENTE DE CUBA, uniformed bust left; national coat-of-arms to left, Havana at a distance to right / Statue of Minerva facing, with head left and holding spear and shield; all within Captol of Havana, with office dates to left and right. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Coin Galleries (18 July 2007), lots 2115-6. Gem Mint State. Deep brown surfaces, with a pleasing matte nature and a high degree of brilliance. Very rare.


    Serving as the third president of Cuba, Mario García Menocal was first elected to the office in 1912, leading a pro-business administration. The election to his second term was widely challenged by liberals, who even staged a revolt ultimately quelled by miliary intervention on the part of the United States. One of his most pivotal acts was entering World War I on the side of the allies, declaring war on the German Empire one day after the United States in April 1917, likely in an attempt to retain favorable relations between Cuba and the United States.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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