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100781 | FRANCE. "Sauvetage en mer" bronze Award Plaque.

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    100781 | FRANCE. "Sauvetage en mer" bronze Award Plaque. Engraved 1929/30. For sea rescue, and presented to Minster of Merchant Marine, Louis Rollin (60x47mm, 85.73 g, 12h). By R. Lamourdedieu.


    Six rescuers rowing boat right toward wreckage / Anchor and two lifesavers over spray of leaves; engraved above in three lines: OFFERT / PAR LOUIS ROLLIN / MINISTRE DE LA MARINE MARCHANDE. Edge: «cornucopia» BRONZE.


    Maier –; cf. Elsen 99, lot 3238. Mint State. Pleasing yellow-brown surfaces; includes original box of issue. A rare and interesting item personalized to a politician involved in the interwar French government.


    Louis Rollin briefly served as the Minister of Merchant Marine in France on two occasions, first from 3 November 1929–21 February 1930, then again from 2 March–13 December later in 1930. Following these terms, her served numerous cabinet positions both before and during WWII in French administrations.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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