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100795 | GERMANY. Deutsche Mark introduction satirical cast bronze Medal.

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    100795  |  GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal. Dated 1948. The currency reform and introduction of the Deutsche Mark (73mm, 104.06 g, 12h). By G. Goetz.


    HVNGER TALER, Death, wearing loose fitting robe, seated left on stones, holding false scales with fish tagged KALOR[IEN]; on stones, a poster displaying the day's ration: 2 g fat; 7 g meat; 9 g fish; 9 g sugar; 22 g broth; 50 g flour; 143 g potatoes; 250 g bread / ABWERTVNG (devaluation), the devil left, consuming coins stamped RM (reichsmark) while handing out bills marked DM (deutsche mark) and ration books. Edge: Bevelled and plain.


    Choice Mint State. Slightly glossy yellow-brown surfaces. Highly interesting.


    Introduced on 20 June 1948 as a means to stem the hyperinflation experienced during the Weimar period and during the middle and final stages of World War II, the Deutsche Mark replaced the old Reichsmark and Rentenmark, with the former currency being exchanged for the new at varying rates, often at quite a degree less. This devaluation, along with the rationing of food and allotting of calories, led to widespread despair as conveyed through this medal. Eventually, the German economy would rebound as the strains from World War II were lessened, allowing the Deutsche Mark to become one of the most stable global currencies until its replacement by the Euro upon Germany's adoption of the latter in early 2002.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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