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100805 | PORTUGAL. Carlos I silver Medal.

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    100805 | PORTUGAL. Carlos I silver Medal. Issued 1906. Issued for the XV International Medicinal Congress (49mm, 50.90 g, 12h). By T. Szirmai.


    CARLOS I REI DE PORTUGAL, uniformed bust left / XV CONGRÉS INTERNATIONAL DE MÉDECINE / LISBONNE / 19–26 AVRIL 1906, personification of medicine standing left, instructing youth, while another youth is seated to left, inscribing upon tablet; below, hourglass, palm frond, text, and forceps; anatomical skeleton model in background to left. Edge: «uncertain hallmark» ARGENT.


    Storer 6318. About Uncirculated. Pleasing light gray surfaces, with a few light marks.


    The XV International Medicinal Congress was held in Lisbon from 19-26 April 1906.


    Ex Dr. Bösing III Collection.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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