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100839 | GERMANY & AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Propaganda zinc Medal.

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    100839 | GERMANY & AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Propaganda zinc Medal. Issued 1918. World War I series: The Alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary (34mm, 13.50 g, 12h). By B. H. Mayer's in Pforzheim.


    Germany and Austria-Hungary as female warriors: Germany standing left, stomping upon multiple serpents, holding reversed sword and palm frond, and embracing Austria-Hungary seated to left, holding reversed sword and laurel crown; shields behind / ZUR / ERINNERUNG / AN DEN / WELTKRIEG / 1914/18 in five lines; all within wreath, with crossed sword and torch at ties. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann –. Mint State. Slate gray surfaces. Very rare.


    Following the formation of the German Empire in 1871, Otto von Bismarck sought to preserve peace and create a climate which would allow the fledging empire to grow, mostly worrying about rivals Russia to the east and France to the west. A deal was struck in 1879 with the Austro-Hungarian Empire in that they would support each other in the event that either were to be attacked by Russia. Further, if any other European power were to attack one, the other would practice a policy of benevolent neutrality, limiting the possible number of rivals and ideally serving as a deterrent for the belligerent European power in the first place. This alliance served as the basis for that which would become the Central Powers (later adding the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria) during World War I.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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