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100847 | FRANCE. Satirical tin Medal.

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    100847 | FRANCE. Satirical tin Medal. Issued 1848. Demonstration against François Guizot and the planting of the Tree of Liberty (47mm, 21.97 g, 12h).


    PLANTATION DE L'ARBRE DE LA LIBERTE (the planting of the Tree of Liberty) / LE PEUPLE DANSE EN CHANTANT LA CARMAGNOLE (the people dance while singing the Carmagnole), revolutionaries reveling around the Tree of Liberty adorned with two flags / VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE / DES LAMPIONS DES LAMPIONS DS LAMPIONS (long live the Republic! more lanterns, more lanterns, more lanterns!), A BAS GUISOT A BAS JESUITES (down with Guizot, down with the Jesuits), procession or revolutionists advancing right. Edge: Plain.


    Paris (Carnavalet) No. ND7890. Choice About Uncirculated. Pleasing gray surfaces, with some underlying brilliance; a few scattered marks in the fields and on the rims, planchet ever so slightly bent as commonly encountered for these crude, satirical types.


    Part of the wave of revolutions across Europe in 1848, the 1848 French Revolution saw the end of the July Monarchy (1830-1848) and the creation of the short-lived Second French Republic (1848-1852). During this revolution, numerous medals were produced satirizing the various contemporaneous events.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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