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100864 | CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Lidice Massacre bronze Medal.

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    100864 | CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Lidice Massacre bronze Medal. Issued 1982. Commemorating the children murdered by the Nazis during World War II (77mm, 198.48 g, 12h). By M. Uchytilová.


    ČESKÁ NUMISMATICKÁ SPOLEČNOST PAMÁTCE 94 ZAVRAŽDĚNÝCH LIDICKÝCH DĚTÍ, heads of the murdered children mostly facing left; all within barbed wire border / 94 names of those killed, in a mix of print and cursive script. Edge: Plain.


    FIDEM '83 #308. Gem Mint State. Charming light brown surfaces.


    Reinhard Heydrich, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, was critically wounded in Praha (Prague) in 1942, during the insurgent Operation Anthropoid. Following Heydrich's death a week later, a Nazi intelligence report falsely placed blame at the feet of resistance members in the Czechoslovakian villages of Lidice and Ležáky. The German response was swift and brutal, with each village being completely and utterly obliterated. In Lidice, all men over the age of 15 (173 in total) were executed, while the women (184) and children (88) were sent to concentration camps where they were subsequently gassed. A few of the children were deemed "suitable for Germanisation" and were placed with German families. The town and her residents were essentially erased from the map. In honor of these children lost, this medal, along with a monument with a similar, somber feel, was created by Marie Uchytilová, the later being completed by her husband, Jiri Hampel, following her death in 1989.


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