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100879 | GERMANY & FRANCE. "Black Shame" porcelain Medal.

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    100879 | GERMANY & FRANCE. "Black Shame" porcelain Medal. Issued 1922. On the supposed sexual crimes of German women by French-African soldiers (50mm, 16.00 g, 12h).


    SCHWARZE SCHMACH UND KULTURSCHANDE (black shame and cultural disgrace), gorilla (representing French-African soldiers) holding down a protesting nude woman (representing German women); to left and right, French standard surmounted by head rooster; radiant RF (République française) above / DEUTSCHER NOT—UND SCHMACHTALER (German Emergency Shame Taler), boy kneeling slightly right, covering his face with coat; oak stump with new growth to left and right; broken sword below. Edge: Beaded with central seam, as made.


    Scheuch 490. Choice Mint State. Essentially as made, with rich red-brown surfaces; minor flaw in the obverse legend. A very interesting and racially-charged piece evoking the German right-wing sentiments of the time.


    Following Germany's defeat in World War I, French and British troops occupied portions of Germany to ensure that reparations would be repaid. In some areas such as the Rhineland, France utilized colonial troops from North Africa for patrolling and occupying—possibly serving as an act of further humiliation—making the local Germans be subject to those who were, in turn, subject to a colonial power. Within Germany, however, sentiments became overtly racialized, with anti-African propaganda found everywhere in the print media, with caricatures and stereotypes endlessly employed. This biased and unfounded campaign even found its way into numismatics, with many medals featuring iconography that reveals these feelings. At the forefront was the belief that African troops, oversexed and primal, were ravaging German women. Though this campaign subsided in the early 1930's, it certainly wasn't the first appearance of this form of racism, and certainly wouldn't be the last.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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