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100904 | GREAT BRITAIN. William Wilberforce bronze Medal.

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    100904 | GREAT BRITAIN. William Wilberforce bronze Medal. Issued 1906. Commemorating the opening of the Wilberforce Memorial and Museum (45mm, 43.55 g, 12h). By T. Sheppard & W. Sykes for J. A. Restall.


    SLAVE TRADE ABOLISHED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT 25th MARCH 1807 / WILLIAM WILBERFORCE / • BORN 1759 • DIED 1833 •, bust facing slightly right / BIRTHPLACE OF WILLIAM WILBERFORCE M. P., façade of the birth home of Wilberforce; in three lines in exergue, HIGH STREET, HULL / OPENED AS A PUBLIC MUSEUM / 24th AUGt 1906. Edge: Plain.


    BHM 3939; Eimer 1895. Choice Gem Mint State. Deep glossy brown surfaces, with intense brilliance and luster.


    William Wilberforce was a British politician and philanthropist who took up many causes on account of morality and religion. Chief among these causes was the abolition of the slave trade and, following the Slave Trade Act of 1807 which he championed and which did just that, he sought the abolishment of slavery as a whole in the colonies. Though it took many more years, this too was accomplished in 1833 during the reforms under William IV and the Earl Grey, with Wilberforce passing away just three days after the announcement of the bill reaching its threshold. In addition to his efforts to end slavery, Wilberforce also supported missionary work in India, the creation of a free colony in Sierra Leone, and even the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


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