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100958 | GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal.

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    100958 | GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal. Issued 1918. "Establishment of the Volksstaat Bayern" (58mm, 63.78 g, 12h). By Karl Goetz in München.


    UND MINISTER PRÄSIDENT BIN ICH / CURT EISNER I, Kurt Eisner seated left on Bavarian Lion, placing Phrygian cap on its head / UMSTURZ IN BAYERN, skeleton (in medieval attire) standing facing slightly left in arched doorway supporting entry's two doors that have come off their hinges; one door is decorated with 1180 above Bavarian coat-of-arms (the date when the Wittelsbach's began their rule); the other inscribed Verfas/sung above 1818 (Bavarian Constitution); skeleton holds a balance scale containing pipe and crown; crown, scepter, and orb below. Edge: Plain.


    Kienast 214. Choice About Uncirculated. Pleasing brown surfaces.


    Kurt Eisner—styled here rather pejoratively as Kurt Eisner the first—was an activist and journalist, and led a socialist revolution in Bavaria against the ruling House of Wittelsbach. In the final stages of World War I, his revolt proved successful, with Bavaria being declared a free state with him serving as its president. His outspoken criticism of Germany and its role in bringing about the war made him many enemies, ultimately leading to his assassination in February 1919.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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