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101020 | GERMANY. Firefighter's oval silver Award Medal.

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    101020 | GERMANY. Firefighter's oval silver Award Medal. Engraved 1893 and awarded to Max Faust for 25 years of service with the München (Munich) Firefighters (67x82mm, 150.69 g, 12h). By F. Widmann & L. Leigh.


    GOTT ZUR EHR DEM NÄCHSTEN ZUR WEHR (to the glory of God, to the defense of our neighbors), firefighter standing left at top of ladder, operating hose and attempting to extinguish inferno raging at the roof of building; cityscape in background / DIE STADTGEMEINDE MÜNCHEN FÜR 25 JÄHR DIENSTLEISTUNG IN D FREIWILLIGEN FEUERWEHR (for 25 years of service to the municipality of Munich as a volunteer firefighter), civic coat-of-arms of München; below, two decorative scrolls inscribed “1868–1893” and “MAX FAUST.” Edge: A few light marks, otherwise plain.


    Hauser 719. Choice Mint State. Pleasing gray surfaces with an alluring iridescence highlighting the devices.


    Founded on 20 January 1891, this award was meant for volunteer members of the fire brigade in München following their 25 years of service. As such, Max Faust was one of the earlier recipients of the award, having served as a firefighter since before the Franco-Prussian War and the unification of Germany. A great representation of late 19th century firefighting attire and equipment.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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