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101088 | GERMANY. Paul von Hindenburg enameled porcelain Medal.

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    101088  |  GERMANY. Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg enameled porcelain uniface Medal. Issued 1915-1917 (103mm, 105.87 g). By Ph. Rosenthal & Co. in Bavaria, and stickered by Theodor Holborn in Göttingen.


    VON HINDENBURG 1914, uniformed bust facing slightly left / Blank, though Rosenthal hallmark and dealer's sticker present.


    Essentially as made. Highly glossy and brilliant, with great blue hues. Incredibly interesting and attractive.


    Before serving as the president of the German Reich and his unintended role in giving rise to Nazism and Adolf Hitler in 1933, Paul von Hindenburg was a celebrated general within the German Empire, first retiring in 1911. Upon the outbreak of WWI, however, he was called upon to serve once again, where he oversaw a major and much celebrated German victory at Tannenberg in 1914. Following this campaign, Hindenburg's star rose to a national level, paving the way for his ensuing political career during the Weimar period.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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