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101090 | NORWAY. Bronze Shooting Medal.

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    101090  |  NORWAY. Bronze Shooting Medal. Issued 1959 for the 3rd Military World Championships in shooting held in Oslo (60mm, 100.37 g, 1h). By B. W. Fagerlund.


    3 MILITÆRE VERDENSMESTERSKAP I SKYTING / OSLO 1959, view of the shooting hall; above, handgun left; below, rifle right / Two vikings advancing right, brandishing weapons. Edge: K.LARSEN.


    Choice Mint State. Deep chesnut brown surfaces, with some lacquering possibly as made. Very rare and interesting type.


    Though shooting medals are much more common with competitions occurring in Switzerland and, to a lesser extent, Germany, those from other countries are seldom seen, especially from Scandinavia. This particular example is also quite rare in the fact that it displays a handgun along with rifle as opposed to more historic forms of firearms.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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