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101108 | GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal.

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    101108  |  GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal. Issued 1920. "The Gravedigger" (60mm, 72.53 g, 1h). By Karl Goetz in München.


    DER TOTEN GRÆBER (the gravedigger), French soldier seated facing slightly right, holding shovel and German skull wearing Pickelhaube and with scroll in mouth reading "HEUT AN MIR / MORGEN AN DIR" (today it's me, but tomorrow it'll be you); in background, broken tombstone inscribed HIER / RUHEN / DEUTSCH / HELDEN (German heroes rest here) / DIE RACHE DER FRANZOSEN (the revenge of the French), French soldier seated facing on toppled tombstones, smoking cigarette and gleefully juggling two skulls and Pickelhaube; in background to right, skeletal forearm punching through the ground. Edge: K•GOETZ in two different spots.


    Kienast 273. Choice About Uncirculated. Warm brown-bronze surfaces.


    Here, Goetz alludes to the French seeking their revenge upon the Germans for the latter's part in World War I. The desecration of the German graves represents the harsh treatment by the occupying forces, with Goetz vowing that the Germans will yet seek retribution, as can be seen by the skeletal forearm breaking free from its grave, about to exact revenge upon the French.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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