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101133 | GERMANY. Karl Maria von Weber bronze Medal.

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    101133 | GERMANY. Karl Maria von Weber bronze Medal. Issued 1825 (39mm, 25.70 g, 12h). By C. R. Krüger.


    CARL MARIA VON WEBER, bare head left / Orpheus, holding lyre, astride dolphin right; horn and harp in exergue. Edge: A few light marks, otherwise plain.


    Niggl 2294; Merseburger 4579. Choice Mint State. Rich reddish-brown surfaces, with some brilliant underlying luster.


    The reverse of this medal alludes to the musical prowess of Weber, an accomplished artist and composer who achieved greatness in his mere 39 years. A likening to the mythical abilities of Arion, a Corinthian whose legendary skills with the lyre seemingly transcended those of mortals, is rather clear. Arion traveled to Ionia in order to compete in a contest which he quite handily won. Upon his return, he was cornered on a ship and stripped of his prize, his future to be relegated to slavery. However, he asked to play one final song, a wish which he was granted, after which he hoisted himself off from the ship. While he was left for dead by the pirates, a dolphin, having heard his melodies, came to his rescue, bearing him safely back to Corinth. Sadly for Weber, he succumbed to tuberculosis while visiting London in 1826, the year after this medal was produced.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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