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101138 | SWEDEN. Malmö. Meyer Zadig silver award Medal.

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    101138 | SWEDEN. Malmö silver award Medal. Issued 1891 and presented to Meyer Zadig for the Industrial and Craft Exhibition (43mm, 38.69 g, 12h). By A. Lindberg in Stockholm.


    MALMÖ INDUSTRI–OCH SLÖJDUTSTÄLLNING, civic coat-of-arms / TILL / M. ZADIG engraved in two lines within wreath. Edge: Plain.


    Mint State. Lightly toned and highly prooflike, with tremendous luster though a fair number of hairlines are noted on the reverse. Includes original box of issue. Great piece of judaica.


    Originally born in Germany, Meyer Zadig (Me'ir Tsadik) immigrated to the Swedish city of Malmö in 1863 where he continued his trade in the soap manufacturing business at Hanson & Sewan. Following the closing of the company just a few years later, Meyer took the opportunity to start his own business—the German Soap Factory—in 1865. Within a year, his company earned its first trade show award, the first of what would be many for the contributions to the soap and perfume industry made by the firm, such as this award medal from 1891. Sadly, Meyer would pass away at the age of 86 just three years later, though the firm would continue into the 1950's when it joined the soap and detergent manufacturer MOHAB. Once fairly rare and expensive—soaps and perfumes were made a more everyday part of Swedish life, thanks in large part to the efforts of Meyer.


    Meyer's contributions were not just in the business world, however, as he was also highly active in Malmö's Jewish community. Originally comprised of just 29 men, the congregation continued to grow, with Meyer initially serving as one of the three directors. For the next 60 years, a Zadig would play an important role on the congregation's board. In 1903, a synagogue was finally founded in Malmö.


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