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101157 | SWEDEN. Stork octagonal bronze Plaque.

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    101157  |  SWEDEN. Stork octagonal bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1930. Likely commemorating the birth of Ove Algot-Blidberg (51x51mm, 45.41 g).


    Stork standing left, raising one leg; town view in the background, with radiant sun in the sky / OVE ALGOT / SKOGSVIK / 29 OCTOBER / 1925 in four lines; radiant star above. Edge: Plain.


    Gem Mint State. Light bronze-brown surfaces, with a pleasing matte nature. Highly interesting and likely unique.


    This rather unusual plaque offers little to determine its origin or significance, as the reverse legend merely presents what appears to be a personal and place name, as well as a date. An extensive search reveals that Ove Algot was born on the date mentioned (29 October 1925) in Danderyd, a parish in Stockholm County. Within Danderyd, there was a neighborhood known as Skogsvik, possibly pointing to the place of birth for Ove. His father, Karl Algot Jahnsson, was a jeweler and goldsmith, and also served as secretary of the Swedish Numismatic Association from 1927–1934. Given his skill in jewelry as well as his interest in numismatics, it is quite probable that he made, or had made, this "birth" plaque for his son. The marriage of Karl and Margareta (Grönkvist), Ove's mother, would not last, and he would eventually adopt the last name of his stepafather, Per Gustaf Blidberg. Ove had a successful career as a consulting architect and interior designer, passing away in 2011.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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