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101194 | ARGENTINA. Ángel María Zuloaga silvered bronze Award Medal.

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    101194 | ARGENTINA. Brigadier General Ángel María Zuloaga silvered bronze Award Plaque. Issued circa 1985 or later for the best average of the subject "History of the Army Airman Course" [unawarded] by the Escuela de Aviación del Ejército (57x64mm, 156.25 g, 12h). By Ermando Bucci/Casa Piana in Buenos Aires.


    Andean condor standing left, with wings spread; behind, hot air balloon over mountains; rising sun in background; to lower right, head of Zuloaga left / Victory flying left, holding model airplane; below, PREMIO BRIGADIER / GENERAL ANGEL / MARIA ZULOAGA / OTORGADO POR SU FAMILIA in four lines; area below blank for engraving. Edge: Plain.


    Gem Mint State. Steel gray surfaces, with some charming brilliance and light cobalt nature around the devices. Exceptionally high relief. Never seen, this Art Deco-inspired plaque has crossover aviation appeal as well.


    An important Argentine aviator who eventually rose to the rank of brigadier general, Ángel María Zuloaga became famous for a monumental voyage in 1916 with Eduardo Bradley. On 24 June of that year, the pair became the first to cross the Andes by balloon, beginning in Santiago, Chile, and ending in Uspallata, Argentina. This award is handed out by the Escuela de Aviación del Ejército in Argentina to the student with the best average attained in the "History of the Army Airman Course."


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