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101209 | GERMANY. Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch bronze Medal.

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    101209  |  GERMANY. Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch bronze Medal. Issued 1890. Honoring the famous Jewish-German physician and microbiologist (50mm, 51.78 g, 12h). By W. Mayer in Stuttgart.


    PROFESSOR DR ROBERT KOCH, bust right; below, garlanded laurel branch curling around / UT SEMENTEM FECERIS, ITA METES (one reaps what one sows), open book upon which rests a human skull; behind, laurel branch with serpent drinking from basin. Edge: Plain.


    Bernd Kaiser V, 235 var. (with glasses); Brettauer 599. Gem Mint State. Warm brown surfaces, with a good deal of underlying luster and some shimmering iridescence.


    One of the founding fathers of bacteriology, Robert Koch stands among the more important and influential figures in modern medicine. His research into tuberculosis garnered him the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1905, and he is the namesake of the Robert Koch Institute—a leading institute for disease control and prevention.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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