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101271 | GERMANY. "Circumcision of Christ" engraved copper Printing Plate.

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    101271  |  GERMANY. "Circumcision of Christ" uniface engraved copper Printing Plate. Made circa late 18th century (63mm x 81mm, 33.16 g).


    Scene depicting the circumcision of Christ: a high priest and mohel cradle the Infant Jesus, performing a circumcision, while two attendants, Mary, and Joseph stand nearby in the background; all within pillared temple; in two lines in exergue, AD MOSIS LEGEM CHRISTVS / CONCIDITVR INFANS (the Infant Christ is cut based upon the law of Moses, —adapted from Luke 2) / Some scattered etching and cross-hatching, otherwise plain.


    Near Extremely Fine. Warm brown surfaces, a light spot of residue on the obverse. An interesting piece from religious print media.


    This tangible piece of art presents a rather seldom encountered passage from the Bible–the circumcision of Christ–a passage that is touched upon in Luke 2.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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