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101310 | SWEDEN. Gustaf V/Masonic bronze Medal.

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    101310  |  SWEDEN. Gustaf V/Masonic bronze Medal. Issued 1927. Commemorating the king's 50th year as a mason (56mm, 72.83 g, 12h). By E. Lindberg.


    + GUSTAF V SVERIGES KONUNG IX FRIM • PROV • V • S • V •, bare head left / GENOM TÖCKNEN MOT LJUSET (through the mist to the light), eagle, with head right, standing left atop rocks and among the clouds and star-filled sky; AV SVENSKA / STORA LANDS– / LOGEN – TILL MINNE AV / ÅREN / 1877–1927 across lower field. Edge: BRONS 1927 and a few light marks.


    Ehrensvärd 269. Mintage: 1 (in gold, presented to the king) & an unlisted amount in silver and bronze. Choice Mint State. Light bronze surfaces, with a great matte appeal.


    Entering the lodge as a mason at the age of 19, the future king Gustaf V would eventually serve, in his role as the king of Sweden, as the Grandmaster of the Swedish Order of Freemasons. Here, Lindberg commemorates the king's 50th year as a mason.


    For more information on the life and career of Erik Lindberg, please follow this link to our recent newsletter.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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