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101359 | SWEDEN. Gustaf de Laval & John Bernström silver Medal.

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    101359  |  SWEDEN. Gustaf de Laval & John Bernström silver Medal. Issued 1908. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of AB Separator (61mm, 128.72 g, 12). By E. Lindberg in Stockholm.


    Jugate busts of de Laval and Bernström right; GUSTAF / DE LAVAL • JOHN BERNSTRÖM below / EUROPA • AMERIKA • AUSTRALIEN • AFRIKA • ASIEN, Mercury (representing commerce), standing left, holding caduceus; to left, Genius seated right upon rocks, holding model of milk separator; hammer and anvil in background; in four lines below, AKTIEBOLAGET / SEPARATOR / STOCKHOLM / 1883–1908. Edge: Plain.


    Ehrensvärd 68. About Uncirculated details. Lightly cleaned and highly argent and brilliant.


    Gustaf de Laval was a Swedish inventor famous for steam turbines and nozzles, and especially in the dairy world for his invention of the first centrifugal milk-cream separator. De Laval's company, now known as Alfa Laval AB, was originally founded as AB Separator in 1883. Five years after his death in 1918, the company marketed the first commercially practical milking machine. Meanwhile, John Bernström came to the company in 1887, and served as its CEO until 1915. During the company's 25th anniversary, Lindberg produced this alluring medal, presenting both founder and CEO, along with a great neoclassical rendition of what would be the separator's introduction to the industry.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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