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101362 | UNITED STATES. Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition bronze award Medal.

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    101362  |  UNITED STATES. Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition bronze award Medal. Issued 1909. Presented at the expo for the "gold" award (71mm, 178.82 g, 12h). By F. Ziegler for Gorham Manufacturing Co.


    – ALASKA • YUKON • PACIFIC • EXPOSITION – / 1909 • SEATTLE • 1909, Columbia seated facing, holding branch and plaque with bust of George Washington, and with foot set upon cornucopia; Native American in canoe to lower left, two prospectors to right; steamship and rising sun in background / Ornate plaque inscribed GOLD MEDAL and with the lower panel left blank for engraving; all within floral wreath. Edge: Plain.


    Mint State Details. Charming light brown-bronze surfaces, though some light cleaning in a few spots and a minor edge knock are noted for completeness; nevertheless, great quality for the type.


    Meant to cast a spotlight upon the development of the Pacific Northwest, the Alaska–Yukon–Pacific expo was originally slated for 1907 in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Klondike gold rush. When the expo's organizers became aware of the Jamestown Exposition (celebrating the 400th anniversary of the city's founding), they opted to move it back two years so as not to compete. The expo was open from 1 June–16 October 1909, with over 3.7 million patrons passing through the gates. Following the show's completion, the campus of the University of Washington took the place of the former buildings and grounds.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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