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101365 | SOVIET UNION & GERMANY. Yuri Gagarin silver Medal.

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    101365  |  SOVIET UNION & GERMANY. Yuri Gagarin silver Medal. Issued circa 1975. Commemorating the famous cosmonaut and first man in space (40mm, 20.20 g, 12h).


    Head facing slightly right, wearing cosmonaut helmet; rocket blasting off to left; stars and the Moon in background / GESCHICHTE DER RAUMFAHRT (history of space), stylized space station in orbit around the Earth; various planets (one with rings) and satellites around in background. Edge: Plain.


    Hans Kaiser –. Choice Mint State. Deep mirror prooflike surfaces, with a highly frosted nature to the devices and a great cameo effect; a subtle russet tone adds further charm near the peripheries, though some scattered hairlines are also noted for completeness.


    A key figure in the "space race" of the early 1960's, Yuri Gagarin holds the distinction of being the first human to enter into outer space, with his capsule, Vostok 1 (Восток) completing one orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961. This achievement garnered him tremendous honor throughout not just the Soviet Union, but the entire world. Following the death of fellow cosmonaut and close friend, Vladimir Komarov, during the failed Soyuz 1 mission, Gagarin was banned from further missions, the Soviet Union fearful of losing their icon. Despite these efforts, Gagarin was tragically killed when a plane which he was piloting with his flight instructor crashed in February 1968.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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