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101441 | GREAT BRITAIN. Temperance Society white metal Medal.

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    101441    GREAT BRITAIN. Temperance Society white metal Medal. Issued circa 1835 (41mm, 24.25 g, 12h). By W. J. Taylor in London.


    Man and woman supporters, holding banners reading SOBRIETY and DOMESTIC COMFORT, respectively, standing on either side of shield bearing radiant cross and emblems of Christ: horse with cruciform banner and radiant IHS; rose, clover, and thistle (representing England, Ireland, and Scotland) in exergue / Cruciform field with radiant pattern in angles and containing 14-line inscription: PLEDGE / I PROMISE / TO / ABSTAIN / FROM ALL / INTOXICATING DRINKS &c / EXCEPT USED MEDICINALLY / AND BY ORDER OF A MEDICAL MAN / AND TO DISCOUNTENANCE / THE / CAUSE & / PRACTISE / OF / INTEMPERANCE. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. BHM 1870 (for a similar reverse). Gem Mint State. Exceedingly prooflike, with tremendous brilliance and a great cameo appeal. Fairly scarce and interesting type.


    Temperance Societies in the United Kingdom—those dedicated to the total abstention from alcohol—grew rapidly in the 1830's, acting somewhat as a revival movement and also a way in which the working class might be viewed as more responsible by their governing elites.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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