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101467 | ANCIENT INSPIRED. Roman Empire/Germany. Domitian silver Medal.

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    101467  |  ANCIENT INSPIRED. Roman Empire (Germany). Domitian silver Medal. Issued 1696 (32mm, 14.76 g, 12h). By C. Wermuth.


    IMP • CÆS • DOMIT • AVG • GERM • P • M • TR • P • CENS • PERP • COS • XVII • P • P •, laureate head right / Biographical inscription in 19 lines. Edge: REGNVM FALLAX BONVM.


    Bürchner 13; Forrer VI, 444. Choice Mint State. Deep gunmetal gray surfaces, with a good deal of iridescence and underlying luster. Very rare and highly attractive. Compare to a similar example that realized a hammer of €750 in Numismatica Ars Classica 53 (7 November 2009, lot 684) and then realized a hammer of €950 in Gorny & Mosch 221 (12 March 2014, lot 3371).


    Medalist Christian Wermuth produced a series of portrait medals chronicling the imperial figures of the Roman Empire as well as those of the later Holy Roman Empire. Featuring a classical bust and lines of biographical text on the reverse, this issue celebrates Domitian, the younger son of Vespasian, who ruled from C.E. 81-96. An autocrat who was the opposite of his elder brother and predecessor, Titus, he was assassinated by court officials and would be the final member of what Suetonius described as 'the Twelve Caesars.'


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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