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101492 | GERMANY. Grim Reaper satirical uniface cast bronze Plaque.

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    101492  |  GERMANY. Grim Reaper satirical uniface cast bronze Plaque. Issued 1927. Jagd nach dem Glück (the "Hunt for Happiness") (141mm x 81mm, 154.50 g). By H. Moshage for Lauchhammer.


    Individuals running right across portion of globe, attempting to catch the bits that Happiness scatters before them as she flies away; above, skeleton (Grim Reaper) in wide-brimmed hat and caftan standing facing, head left, holding hourglass and scythe over shoulder / Slight incuse and reverse of obverse design, with clasp attached for suspension. Edge: Some minor spotting, otherwise plain.


    Cf. Strothotte 1927-4 (for an issue with the date and Lauchhammer logo in the exergue. Choice Mint State. Dark brown surfaces, and essentially as cast, though some minor spotting is noted for completeness. Very haunting and provocative.


    An issue from the metalworks factory Lauchhammer, this piece for 1927 has the initial appearance of merely showing man's never-ending race for happiness. A deeper look at its elements, however, along with the time at which it was produced, potentially reveals a deeper meaning, as there was hyperinflation occuring in the German economy as well as extreme shortages of foodstuffs. In this context, man is seemingly running on the face of the planet in search of life's basic necessities, all of which are desperately needed. From above, the figure of the Grim Reaper watches over rather morbidly, his hourglass omnipresent as man's time slowly slips away.


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