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101507 | FRANCE. Nude Siren/Compagnie Générale Transatlantique silver Medal.

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    101507  |  FRANCE. Compagnie Générale Transatlantique silver Medal. Issued circa 1950 for the shareholders' meeting (42mm, 34.48 g, 12h). By L. Patriarche.


    Nude siren swimming left, cradling cornucopia / Cie Gle TRANSATLANTIQUE, ship sailing right; in two lines in exergue, ASSEMLEE GENERALE / DES ACTIONNAIRES. Edge: ARGENT [mark] 950/1000 [mark].


    Ruedas, Marine 41 var. (silvered bronze). Choice Extremely Fine. Deeply toned, with a few scattered marks. An artistic type that is fairly rare in this metal.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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