101537 | GERMANY & AUSTRIA. Friedrich Nietzsche uniface bronze Medal.

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    101537 | GERMANY & AUSTRIA. Friedrich Nietzsche uniface bronze Medal. Issued circa 1910. Commemorating the famous philosopher and cultural critic (59mm, 55.25 g). By O. Hofner.


    Bare head left / Blank. Edge: Plain.


    BM no. 1982,1129.3. Choice Mint State. Light yellow-brown surfaces with a somewhat glossy nature. A scarce and powerful piece. Includes dealer ticket from Adolph E. Cahn, Frankfurt, Sept. 1930.


    One of the leading figures in modern intellectual theory, Friedrich Nietzsche accomplished a great deal in his rather brief life. His observations of man's will to power as well as concepts such as the 'eternal return' and the 'Übermensch' illustrate his intense focus upon "why" and "what does it matter." Not long after turning 44, he suffered a complete mental breakdown which left him without the ability to care for himself. The remainder of his life—just over a decade—would see him cared for first by his mother then by his sister, with some of his writings continuing to be published after his loss of faculties.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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