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101554 | UNITED STATES. "No Trespassing" counterstamped silver Quarter.

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    101554  |  UNITED STATES. "No Trespassing" counterstamped silver Quarter (24mm, 5.77 g, 6h).


    1878 Philadelphia mint Seated Liberty quarter, with counterstamp upon obverse: "NO TRESPASSING" around skull and crossbones. Edge: Reeded.


    Cf. KM A98 (for host coin); Brunk –; Rulau –. Counterstamp: Very Fine; Host coin: Good details. Edge damage.


    Very rare and highly interesting.


    Ex Heritage 430 (17 February 2007), lot 236 (part of).


    An intriguing piece that seemingly has no explanation, a possible answer could be that this counterstamp acted as a pass key or admission ticket for a specific club or organization.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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