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101566 | FRANCE. Opening of Camille Cavallier Furnace/Art Deco bronze Plaque.

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    101566  |  FRANCE. Opening of Camille Cavallier Furnace/Art Deco uniface bronze Plaque. Issued and engraved June 1930 to André Magre, prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle (92x57mm, 158.96 g, 12h). By E. J. Bachelet for Arthus Bertrand in Paris.


    Foundry scene, with two workers pouring molten metal into vat; engraved in two lines in exergue "A Mr LE PRÉFET MAGRE JUIN 1930 / INAUGURATION PLACE C. CAVALLIER NANCY" / Blank. Edge: «triangle» BRONZE.


    Maier –; Hamburg Art Gallery –. Choice Mint State. Brown-bronze surfaces, with some lighter highlights.


    A self-made man, Camille Cavallier rose the ranks of an iron works company in Pont-à-Mousson in north-eastern France, eventually becoming its main shareholder and savior in the post-WWI years. This plaque was issued for the inauguration of a foundry in Cavallier's honor in nearby Nancy just four years after his death in 1930. It was engraved and awarded to then-prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle, André Magre. Following this term, Magre served as the final Secretary General of the Presidency of the Third Republic of France, serving from 1932-1939.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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