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101581 | GREAT BRITAIN. Engraved silver WWI ID Memento.

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    101581  |  GREAT BRITAIN, INDIA & MIDDLE EAST. Engraved silver WWI ID Memento (30mm, 10.59 g, 12 h).


    1912-1918 Indian rupee, with engraving upon reverse: "A PRESENT FROM / – MESOPOTAMIA –, radiant Garter Star above ribbon inscribed WORCESTERSHIRE. Edge: Reeded.


    Cf. KM 524 (for host coin). Engraving & Host Coin: Near Extremely Fine. Pleasingly toned; holed at the top.


    In the early-mid 20th century, during the depths of despair that were the world wars, engraved coin art in the vein of love tokens saw a great rise. Such forms of coin art, usually referred to in this context as "trench art," offered soldiers a brief chance at escapism through sentimental creativity.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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